Continuing its 41st season, Northlight Theatre presents the Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy You Can’t Take It With You, directed by Devon de Mayo.  Quirky and touching, this story of the wacky Sycamore family’s attempts to connect with the straight-laced Kirbys is both entertaining and meaningful.


You Can’t Take It With You is absolutely an ensemble show, and Northlight has chosen an excellent ensemble for its purposes. Highlights among the actors include Joanne Dubach, who plays absentminded aspiring dancer Essie with a blend of sincerity, sweetness, and awkward charm that makes her a delight to watch. Ericka Ratcliff and Samuel Robertson, who play Rheba and Donald, respectively, bring a vibrant and engaging dynamic to their characters’ relationship and to the stage in general. Finally, John Judd must be complimented for his masterful portrayal of family patriarch Martin Vanderhof, whose clever antics to avoid the IRS are at the comedic heart of the play and whose soft-spoken discussion about the purpose of life with Mr. Kirby at the end of the show holds the play’s philosophical center.