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Engagement & Events

Northlight's mission and artistic selections are based on creating lively and engaging conversations with our audiences.  Through a mixture of live programming, supplemental materials, and the online resources that connect you to our staff, artists, and other audience members, we strive to make your theatre-going experience one that extends beyond the final curtain.


Events :


Backstage with BJ: A behind-the-scenes discussion with Artistic Director BJ Jones.


Community Events: Explore the bigger picture with related events at local libraries and more.


Interplay: Northlight's reading and play development series.


Post-Show Discussions: Post-play conversations with the audience, led by Northlight artists and special guests.

Additional Resources :


Audience Guides: Supplemental information about each production, developed by Northlight's Education department.


Northlight Blog:  Personal stories and exclusive interviews with Northlight artists, staff, and collaborators.


Connect With Us: Opportunities to connect with Northlight and other audience members through social media.



Post-show discussions: Northlight moderators will lead a conversation with the audience following every performance of White Guy on the Bus.


Friday, Jan 16 at 12pm: Backstage with BJ at Northlight Theatre


Tuesday, Jan 29 at 6:00pm: Community Event at Curt's Cafe


Tuesday, Feb 3 at 3:00pm: Community Event at Wilmette Public Library


Thursday, Feb 5 following the 7:30pm performance: Community Panel at Northlight Theatre

Tuesday, Feb 11 at 10:30am: Community Event at Highland Park Public Library


All events are subject to change.